Šárka Charvátová

I have a son Tobias and since he was little, like every child, he wished to have a dog. The hesitation was long, but after a while, a 9-year-old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Nera came into our lives and we fell in love with her and had the opportunity to try what it is like to have a dog at home.

It didn’t take long and our family grew by another amazing female Sweety (A´Sweet Moment Nariel). Of course, as it happens, then I fell in love again, now with my friend, and I brought home a present in the form of another Staffie, this time a dog and that is Falco (Falco Chesway).

Well, that’s how it started. It’s been 7 years since we had Staffies living in our home. Dogs make us happy at home and life with them is enriching, we are never bored anymore. Taking care of them is very fulfilling and pleasing to me. I, like any pet owner or breeder, have been concerned about the quality of food and treats.

Through various companies I got to Swiss cold-pressed kibble, which I started to feed – Family Dog.

I’ve understood what makes my dogs feel good and it’s all coming back to me, the dogs are in great shape and still maintaining their sporting weight. Their fur is shiny and Falco has finally stopped farting.

Last year Sweety became mother of 6 beautiful puppies. At the time of pregnancy confirmation we switched to Puppy Dog, so that the future mother would get everything she needs, and thus her 6 bundles in her tummy. Puppy Dog was given to Sweety even after the puppies were born and from 4. of the puppy’s week.

In the beginning we made porridge and gradually converted the puppies to hard pellets. They went to their new homes with a whole kibble habit and got their first bag of kibble from us in cooperation with FIRSTANIMAL.

I have to say that I only confirmed that I feed a good quality diet, because even Sweety was in excellent condition 6 weeks after birth, which was mentioned several times by our vet MVDr. Jan Šíma, who visited the puppies at our home and checked, chipped and vaccinated all of them. Words of praise please us.

We thank FIRSTANIMAL for the goodies they make for our pack and deliver to our home.

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