Training treats for dogs

Ingredients: liver, oats, parsley

We are happy to have found a dog bakery where they make delicious, hypoallergenic, original homemade treats for dogs. These are handmade in our own kitchen, without grain, soy, chemicals, flavourings and sugar.

Analytical components value:

  • Moisture content of the original sample 9.67%
  • Dry matter of the original sample 90.33%
  • Nitrogenous substances (cr.protein) 25.00%
  • Fat (crude oils and fats) after hydrolysis 7.54%
  • Ash (hr.ash) 2.50%
  • Fibre (crude fibre) 0.794%


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Weight: 100 g
Storage: store dry at temperatures up to 22 C
Recommendation: after opening, transfer the biscuits into an airy and dry container
Once opened, use within 7 days!
Shelf life: 6 months

Made in the Czech Republic

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