Natural dry shampoo

Natural dry shampoo 80 g

  • against ticks, mites and fleas
  • 100% organically grown,
  • powerful anti-parasitic and caring for the coat.

Excellent organic herbs and the best of nature: the gently scented, dry shampoo not only cares for the skin and coat with the healing properties of Maranta root, but also offers long-term protection against ticks, mites and fleas. A small proportion of diatomaceous earth binds odours and, thanks to its natural pesticidal properties, has been shown to repel parasites. Combined with a sophisticated blend of selected anti-parasitic herbs such as Indian neem leaf, your four-legged friend is reliably protected from uninvited guests. The dry shampoo contains no chemical additives and is antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and parasitic.

Made in Liechtenstein.

80 g 925.- with VAT



Poultry flour, poultry fat, flaxseed roasted, citric acid, brewer’s yeast, vitamin-& traces-VM, millet feed flour, fodder rice flour, wheat semolina, wheat bran, cornstarch, potato protein, L-carnitin

Our petfood is produced fresh. We don’t use any kind of preservatives, dyes and attractants.

Feeding recommendation

As dry food for kittens, provide small quantities several times a day. Feeding guidelines vary according to weight, age, condition and activity.

weight per day and cat weight per day and cat
1 kg 40-60 g 4 kg 90 g
1-2 kg 50-80 g 5 kg 100 g
2-3 kg 80-100 g 6 kg 120 g


Store petfood in a cold and dry place

Cat food with acidifying substances and an elevated salinity to promote water consumption

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
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Maranta , neem leaf , diatomaceous earth , lavender , rosemary , fennel , wormwood , eucalyptus

from organic farming.

Work the dry shampoo regularly and carefully into your dog's coat. Ideally by hand or with your favourite comb. The fine-grained powder clings to the coat and usually protects when bathing outdoors in summer.
Avoid excessive contact with eyes and respiratory tract.


Store dry shampoo in a cool, dry place. Protect it from direct sunlight and high temperatures.