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Bamboo bowl

– 100% eco-friendly material.

– Elegant design.

– Each piece is unique.

– Handmade.

– Gentle on teeth and stomach.

Each bowl has a cut-out at the bottom that makes it easy to lift from the floor. All of our bamboo bowls are handmade in Northern Vietnam, making each one a unique original. There may be small dimensional variations.

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  • Bamboo
  • Hand wash only
  • Designed for feed only

Why bamboo

Bamboo is not a tree, but a grass. The variety of bamboo varieties ranges from grasses a few centimetres high to forests 40 metres high. Many bamboo species grow very quickly (bamboo is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest growing plant in the world) and can be harvested after only three to five years. Because bamboo grows so quickly, a large amount can be “harvested” each year without endangering its population. Bamboo varieties have extensive root systems from which new plants continually grow. Therefore, even if a bamboo stem is cut, the whole plant will not die, as is the case with trees. Among other things, its rapid growth causes it to store a huge amount ofCO2 compared to trees.

Is bamboo better than plastic? Yes, and in two ways: it is used as a replacement for plastics and as a feedstock for bioplastics. Unlike petroleum, from which plastics are usually made, bamboo is therefore a renewable resource and biodegradable compared to most conventional plastics.

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