My name is Porthos, I’m the dog that started it all. At least, that’s what I often hear. It started the day you brought my new family home. I quickly settled in at home, I won their hearts and they won mine, which was done with ease.

My owner comes from Czech Republic, my owner from Switzerland and we mostly live in Czech Republic. He didn’t like the commercially available kibble that my owner fed me. He said, “Enough, our dog will eat well and I will bring him what we have been feeding our dogs in Switzerland for many years.”

So one day he brought a huge bag of Swiss food just for me. Well, I’m thinking, thanks, buddy, but I’m supposed to eat that in one sitting? I was a little scared when he put it in front of me. Ugh, so they say no, it has to be dosed according to my weight. But I liked it so much that I could handle the whole bag with gusto. Suddenly, I didn’t feel bloated belly after eating, my bobies adjusted to a regular, proper consistency and I started to have more energy and a good shape in general. As a bonus, I got a beautiful, shiny and velvety coat, at least, a lot of people tell me so and I enjoy it.

And what was next? The Páníčks were given the impetus to start a family business. The word was given and they became the main importer of FIRSTANIMAL food for the Czech Republic, so that this natural and quality food, which is primarily health-conscious, could be given to other dogs. If you don’t believe us, come and try it for yourself.

Woof, paw and kiss your Porthos 🐾