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We are very pleased to cooperate with SLADE CZECH saddlery.

SLADE CZECH is a family-owned company that has secured an excellent reputation in the leather goods industry through hard work and a high level of innovation. The processed materials are handpicked to guarantee the best standard of products. Every piece produced passes through the human hand several times before leaving the workshop.

“Processed with love for the craft”

Our collection of dog collars FIRSTANIMAL is made of fragrant cowhide leather, decorated with silver and hand-painted fittings. The collars are not only fashionable, but above all of high quality and will last for many years. The manufacturer stands by its name.

FIRSTANIMAL dog collars from SLADE CZECH are handmade from 4 mm thick cowhide leather, double stitched for high comfort of your dog during the day and pleasant pressure distribution of the collar.

They have a classic buckle fastening with 5 holes for adjustment.

Comfortable collars can withstand even the biggest dog without injuring the neck.

We look forward to visiting our shop where we will be happy to advise you personally. If you want to have the best FIRSTANIMAL leather collar for your faithful four-legged friend we are here for you.