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Entlebush Shepherd Dog

My name is Porthos, I’m the dog that started it all. At least, that’s what I often hear. It started the day you brought my new family home. I quickly settled in at home, I won their hearts and they won mine, which was done with ease.

Jan Hvízdal

Mushing (dog sledding), guide, photographer and traveller

Hi, I’m from the Czech Republic and I’m a professional guide based in the Arctic archipelago of Spitsbergen (Norway).

Šárka Charvátová


Our household is busy and fun, thanks to two permanent four-legged members and one two-legged boy.

Come on, I’ll introduce them all.

Aneta Konvalinová & Ondřej Exler


Aneta Konvalinova
I’m into individual mushing. My main discipline is scootering, i.e. a scooter pulled by one or two dogs. I don’t avoid other disciplines that belong to this sport.

Ondřej Exler
I am engaged in individual mushing. In the past I was a Czech Republic representative in biathlon. That’s why my main discipline is skijöring, this season is very short and the preparation is very difficult, so I mainly do bikejöring outside the winter season.

Klara Hronova

ZKO trainer

I was introduced to the beauty of sport cynology by the training centre ZKO Jinonice, which I started to attend eight years ago. The atmosphere and the people around me were so absorbing that it could no longer be called a hobby, but rather a way of life.

Our pack