Jan Hvízdal

I’m trying to leave the hectic modern society and find peace surrounded by wild nature. I left the office eight years ago and it was the most important decision of my life. I have proven to myself that I can make a living anywhere in the world, and that life has much more to offer than a stereotypical five-day-a-week job. This illusion does not let people find their essence, something they really enjoy, and leads them into the machinery of modern society, which I will never understand.

“I think that less is often more, and so I purposely expose myself to discomfort, which then brings those wonderful moments that make life worth living.”

My dog’s name is Morron and he’s an Alaskan Husky
I have been using FIRSTANIMAL for a long time and I am extremely satisfied. I like its great composition from first-class ingredients and especially the cold-pressed production method. Simply Swiss quality. My Morron absolutely loves them. I definitely recommend it.