FIRSTANIMAL Breeding Programme

Who is the programme for:

  • For our customers and their registered kennels (send copy to email)
  • For puppies, pregnant and lactating bitches

Benefits of the program:

  • For a pregnant bitch you get one 4kg bag of Puppy Dog for puppies, pregnant and nursing bitches for 1 CZK
  • Every puppy will get a Puppy Dog 4 kg bag for 1 CZK
  • Individual counselling

Benefits of the feed:

FIRSTANIMAL Puppy Dog – is a separate food for puppies, pregnant and lactating bitches, where the healthy and constant growth of the new family member is the first priority.

This food guarantees puppies the best start in life.

Nutritional support for bitches will help to improve body condition during and after birth.

  • Nutritional support not only for the future mother, but also for the fetus
  • Facilitates the transition from breast milk to solid food
  • Supports digestion and natural immunity
  • Can form a mushy mass (rehydration)

When to start:

Feeding of the bitch starts as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed and continues until the puppies go to their new homes.

The advantage of cold-pressed food is that it does not swell and therefore dissolves beautifully after adding water and is given to puppies in the form of porridge. Gradually, as the puppies grow, develop teeth and wean themselves from nursing, just add less water to make the kibble softer and the puppies learn to chew nicely. In their new homes they continue feeding without any problems. Puppies are fed several times a day (divide the daily ration by 4-5 according to the breed), fed dry or we recommend a little soaked at the beginning, mainly for smaller breeds.

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