Jan Hvízdal

I'm trying to leave the hectic modern society and find peace surrounded by wild nature. I left the office eight years ago and it was the most important decision of…

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Šárka Charvátová

I have a son Tobias and since he was little, like every child, he wished to have a dog. The hesitation was long, but after a while, a 9-year-old female…

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Klara Hronova

ZKO trainer"The beauty of sport cynology was brought to me by the training centre ZKO Jinonice, which I started to attend eight years ago. The atmosphere and the people around…

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Aneta Konvalinová & Ondřej Exler

Greatest achievements: Aneta Konvalinova For the year 2021 I am the Czech Champion in the category Scooter with two dogs. The dogs who managed to get the title with me…

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My name is Porthos, I'm the dog that started it all. At least, that's what I often hear. It started the day you brought my new family home. I quickly…

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